Sunday, 4 December 2011

Sylvan Cottage in 2011?

On the west side of the Hornsey Road, a few yards south of the Hanley Road corner there's a run-down house, so run down that it looks like it might fall over. 

I was thinking about it late yesterday afternoon and realised that it might be the 1850s 'cottage adjoining' of the previous post

These pictures were taken in a hurry because it feels awkward and ill-mannered to photograph someone's home, even when you go no closer than Google does. 

All the more so when the home is in this bad a state. For a long time I'd assumed that the house was abandoned, but the cars parked out front come and go and  someone switches the lights on when it goes dark.

I hope whoever lives there is okay. There's no straight correlation between neatness of house and happiness of mind, but this looks uncomfortable to live in.

But look at it.  The 'cottage adjoining' had a stable, greenhouse and garden. Those wooden doors on the bottom left could have been a stable.

And if you look at the satellite picture (below) you can see that there's still a big garden and even what could be a greenhouse.

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