Saturday, 14 April 2012

Juggling with alcohol

A few weeks ago I started noticing clattering and banging coming from this shop.

The mystery shop 

Then there was more banging, and more clattering, but still no sign of what it was all for. 

This happens way too often. Shopkeepers work like crazy getting their shops ready for opening, but won't stick a poster to the shutters saying what's coming or set up a basic website. It's like they think it would be immodest to advertise before they open.

Anyway, some creative googling later and I found out that what was coming wasn't a shop. It was this:

Flair, it turns out, is juggling with alcohol. Sometimes it's competitive juggling with alcohol. Other times it's just decorative showing off. 
The London Flair Club is, according to them, 'the only social flair space in the UK' and 'a place to get together, develop & learn new skills and practice competition routines'.  

I can't carry a cup of tea across a room without spilling it, but I'm glad they're here. Their facebook site makes it look like they're having fun getting the place ready and now I can add flair bartending to model railway making and running a jazz restaurant  to the list of ways people find joy in the Hornsey Road. 

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