Monday, 25 June 2012

Seven things I found out about the new bookshop and one I didn't

1) This is what it looks like inside :

2) All the books are £1 or ten for £9. 
3) This isn't an opening gambit, it's the long term plan. 
4) Despite this, the books aren't at all bad. I think the idea is to sell things that were published a couple of years ago. It's like the TK Maxx of children's bookshops. Except that unlike TK Maxx it doesn't scare me into running off to a monastery.
4) One of the books is called 'Norbert and the Disappearing Eggs'. Here it is: 


5) It has a happy ending
6) It also has cute watercolours:

 7) The owner is a cheeful young man called Connor

I forgot to ask about opening hours. Sorry.

(Updated to say that thanks to Mizhenka we now know it's open 9 to 5-30.)


  1. I have my eye on that "Fat Cat" book!

  2. I've just been and bought three books, including "Fat Cat." The opening hours are 9 - 5:30 :)