Saturday, 4 August 2012

Self-referential Hornsey Road.

The Hua Run chinese supermarket on the Hornsey Road/Seven Sisters corner

I wrote about it here.

sells this (not bad btw) chilli oil,

Sorry picture is blurred.

which is made by Tak Kee Trading in the bright bright bright building at 222 Hornsey Road (opposite the Eaglet)

Tak Kee Trading

making this is a Hornsey Road blog about buying something made on the Hornsey Road from a shop on the Hornsey Road.

It's like a North London ouroboros. This pleases me because it means I can use the word 'ouroboros', which I learnt last week. I like new words. #stillintouchwithinnernineyearoldgeek

File:Serpiente alquimica.jpg
Ouroboros drawn by Theodoros Pelecanos in 1478. Wiki commons


  1. I love going to the big chinese supermarkets in chinatown Soho, but I keep meaning to try out this little one. Locally brewed chilli oil looks awesome.

    Just came across your blog by the way. I live up by Elthorne Park and I've been keeping a close eye on openings and closing of shops on Horsey Road because I'm trying to get them all added and keep them up to date on Ever come across this map website? It's a big hobby of mine. I only very recently added the set of shops including the Tak Kee Trading. Think I've nearly mapped out every single shop now. See any missing?

    1. Hello Harry,

      I hadn't heard of OpenStreetMap before. Thank you for telling me about it - it's going to be very useful. I keep on wanting to do something creative around maps and mapping and not quite being able to visualise it.

      Oh - and you're missing Everest Spice. Mind you, I didn't realise it was still open until a friend recommended it to me.