Monday, 22 October 2012

Secret Garden in the Six Acres.

Came across this the other day. 

'2 January 2012 - 1 January 2015: Sans façon have been selected to create a new, artist-led garden design for the Six Acres Housing Estate in Finsbury Park, Islington.  Working in close collaboration with local residents and the estate’s landscape architects, they will be developing creative interventions for the site to enhance the central plaza of the estate and achieve a functional, successful social space'


A) Who are Sans façon

'It began as an investigation between French architect Charles Blanc and British artist Tristan Surtees, and has developed into an ongoing collaboration through an art practice. They undertake diverse projects, both temporary and permanent, predominantly exploring the complex relationship between people and place. They see the role of the artist and art as a catalyst in a process of raising questions and inviting people to look and think differently about a place, hoping to create an opportunity rather than an inanimate object.' 

They do interesting things. I approve of anyone who titles a piece 'Collaboration as a place you don't expect'.

B) Where is the Six Acres' central square? I still don't understand the geography there. 

C) Who's Dickon, who's Mary and who's Colin?


  1. A) Hmm.

    B) I actually haven't worked out where Six Acres is, which seems a bit shameful considering how long I've lived around here. Perhaps a little map?

    C) It's a significant question. Probably we need all three of them - outdoor space, animals, practicality and grim determination, a little excessive luxury. Which is Charles, and which is Tristan?

    1. B) I'll work on a map. The Six Acres doesn't really exist on t'internet so I'd have to draw one.

      C) No idea. But Tristan Surtees is a magnificent name.

    2. Re: C, I should confess that I'm currently trying to persuade people that, really, Ptolemy is a perfectly acceptable name.

  2. Replies
    1. Because I read this the other day:

      and was daydreaming about knowing everything about the Hornsey Road and so being able to predict its future.