Wednesday, 9 January 2013

They fought the law and we'll see what happens next

Photograph taken Tuesday 8 January 2013

Our neighbourhood brothel, the Aqua Sauna, is in trouble. The Islington Tribune says they 'will now face prosecution', though it's not clear for what.

If this finishes them it'll be, well, surprising.The sauna's has been there for decades. It's sailed through recessions. It survived an earlier police raid without even changing its name, which is convenient for the many, many men who land on this blog after searching for it and who, weirdly, seem to stick around. The overlap between 'willing to pay for sex' and 'interested in local history' is greater than I would have guessed. I am trying not think about what this implies.

Incidentally, if you're unsure as to whether a 'sauna' is a sauna or a sauna then a visit to Punternet is a quick, if bloody depressing, way of clarifying things.


  1. That's very funny and/or disturbing.

    And congratulations on the smallpox all clear.

    Happy New Year!

  2. Happy New Year back. I'm pretty sure it's the longest surviving business on the entire road.