Monday, 11 March 2013

Blushing unseen and all that.

I've been past the Savewell Supermarket (corner of Tollington Park, opposite Tesco's) dozens of times since Inkie painted his Mucha-like swirls and they've been on view about twice.

I'd understand if keeping the shutters up meant you could see the stock,  but you can't because the shop's windows are blocked by white panels.

I'd understand if the owners were mad because their property had been defaced, but here the landlord has graffiti artists friends and invited them to paint the shutters.

Meh. Goodness knows there's enough drab shutters on show nearby.

Anyway, there are two more paintings on the Hornsey Road side. One is a black swirly one that I've  never been able to see in full. The other is a bright cubist piece and here it was last week:

March 2013: from a distance
March 2013: closer in
This one is by Hunto. There's less about him on t'internet than there was about Inkie, but you can read a review of his 2009 show at the Rag Factory here and a preview here.

March 2013: close-up with gaping mouth

He was born in Brindisi in 1982 and reminds me for reasons I can't articulate of Repubblica's  cartoonist Altan, who's been drawing Italians resigned to lives of quiet desperation for decades.  Here's his reaction to the latest election:

Okay then.

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