Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Allotment Saviour

St Saviour's on Hanley Road is a striking church with a lot of wasted space around it. 

This is the first step to fixing that: 

Bags of soil in front of the church

being turned into mini allotments for Tollington residents.

What happens next no-one quite knows. I spoke to a helpful man (I've forgotten his name - bad me) who was setting up the wooden frames and who thought there might be a plan to turn the much bigger space behind the church either into allotments or into a children's play area.

There's a lot of play areas round here (off the top of my head Wray Crescent, Fibsbury Park, the Andover Estate, Landseer Road, Cornwallis Adventure Playground all have one or more) so I'd vote for allotments even though plants keel over and die as soon as they see me.



  1. I noticed they added a couple of little landscaped patches on Horsey Road recently. See this photo

  2. Replies
    1. Did you make it there? I couldn't in the end.