Thursday, 22 January 2015

Leslie Compton at the Hanley Arms

There is a photograph of Leslie Compton serving a pint to Tom Whittaker, the Arsenal manager, from behind the bar at the Hanley Arms..

This proves that Leslie Compton was indeed the landlord of the Hanley Arms.

I've spent a lot of time trying to prove that Leslie Compton was the landlord of the Hanley Arms.

Possibly too much time.

I was going to show you the picture, but the Press Association would have charged me £40 per year. Um. It's here (Daily Mail link).

It is very Hornsey Road that it should be Leslie and not Denis. Leslie played 273 times for Arsenal and scored 5,000 runs for Middlesex and still got overshadowed by his younger brother.

Here's Neville Cardus on Denis, via the Telegraph obituary page:

"Never have I been so deeply touched on a cricket ground as I was in this heavenly summer of 1947 when I went to Lord's to see a pale-faced crowd, existing on rations, the rocket-bomb still in the ears of most folks - and see this worn, dowdy crowd raptly watching Compton.

The strain of long years of anxiety and affliction passed from all heads and shoulders at the sight of Compton in full sail, sending the ball here, there, and everywhere, each stroke a flick of delight, a propulsion of happy, sane, healthy life. There were no rations in an innings by Compton,

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