Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Divine Light at number 465b.

The Hornsey Road was the Devil's Road, but there are many ways to God here. Anglicans at St Mark's and Emmanuel, Baptists just behind the Plough, Spiritualists, Muslims in Leslie Compton's old pub,  There were even Methodists once.

The quietest way is through a low brick building with water-bottles-turned-terrariums around the front door at number 465b.

 This is the 'Johrei' centre and Johrei is a Japanese religion founded in 1920 and keen on organic farming - from which the terrariums. The ground floor looks like offices and the upper floor looks like this:

I went there on Wednesday with small person. There were three or four women inside, none of them Japanese, two of whom offered me 'healing'. I said yes because how else could I write about it? She held her hands near me and we talked. There was no attempt to sell me any thing or any belief. It was rather nice. 

Small person ran about playing with keys - children are welcome everywhere but on the altar. 

'JOHREI is the name given to the channelling of a spiritual energy or Divine Light to purify one’s spiritual body and awaken our divine nature. In Japanese, Johrei means “purification of the spirit”. Its main purpose is to awaken the soul to the power of the Divine Light, which can change self-centred lives into God-centred ones. Johrei is an action which brings about spiritual fulfilment and true happiness on Earth.'

What you make of that will depend on what you make of that sort of thing and whatever that is nothing I write should change your mind.