Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Hornsey Pool & Amusements

This place used to have a sign on the door saying 'members only', but I've never seen anyone go in or anyone inside to let them in.

There are pictures of two things that look like jukeboxes on the sign. Or perhaps they're games machines? Either way, that boxy aesthetic looks early eighties to me.

I guess they're the amusements. The upper two stories have been abandoned for a long time, long enough for the plywood the windows were boarded up with to rot and for pigeons to make their way in.

I don't understand how this happens. It's a handsome building, in an area with a housing shortage. Someone must own it. Is it tangled up in a contested will? Or is the owner so wealthy that they've forgotten about it? Or, more likely, in such a fragile state that they can't do anything about it?

All I've managed to find is the Hornsey Road myspace page, which shows it with the curtains open.

Where: 382 Hornsey Road

When: Never

p.s. See Alex Pink's photostream here for another view.

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