Thursday, 23 May 2013

'Harry, Harry come here'

This is a post about gun laws, violence and how things change and stay the same. 

 It's from the Sunday 3 January 1864 edition of Lloyd's weekly newspaper via the British Newspaper Archive:

'Considerable excitement was occasioned in the parish of Hornsey on Wednesday morning, by it's being announced that a young man had been killed in the Hornsey Road, out of feelings of jealousy, by one of his companions, but this fortunately, as far as can be discovered, is not true. 

Inquiries were at once set on foot by Inspector Langdon of the North division, and it was ascertained that a young man of the name of Banks had been shot in the Hornsey Wood-Lane, Seven Sisters road on Tuesday afternoon, and death had been instantaneous. It would appear that the deceased, in company with a young fellow of the name of Lamb, went out on Tuesday for a little sport, the young man Lamb carrying a gun when on the railway bridge near Hornsey Road the deceased got on a  heap of sand which was lying at the side of the road. 

At the moment the young man Lamb raised his gun to shoot at a small bird, but it being out of reach he lowered it and at that moment the deceased ran down the heap, and received the whole of the charge in the right side, just under his heart. 

The deceased fell, exclaiming 'Harry, Harry, come here', and then expired. Dr Baker was immediately on the spot and pronounced life extinct. On examining the body it was found that there was a hole in the side about the size of a crown piece. 

Lamb was taken into custory and when at the police station was charged with felonously causing the death of John Banks. He was cautioned by Inspector Langdon as to what he said in answer to the charge, when the prisoner replied that he was about to uncock his gun when the deceased passed in front, and the cock slipping the gun wen toff, and the man dropped. He was sorry for what he had done.

An inquest was held on Friday, when the jury returned a verdict of 'Accidental death' and at their request, the coroner admonished Lambert for his having caused his companion's death by his incautious use of fire-arms. The jury also passed a resolution, calling the attention of the police to the necessity of exercising more stringent powers in the apprehension and punishment of the numerous persons who are in the bait of frequenting with loaded guns and shooting in the fields and public roads in the neighbourhood.'

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