Sunday, 19 May 2013

In which I have doubts

Update: I've since heard from Kay-of-the-organic-stall that it's a conversion into offices and all legit. Excellent news and I must learn to be less suspicious.

The ground floor of number 281 (on the corner of Tollington Way and Hornsey Road - next to Tesco's) has been empty for years.

 A Beloved Reader noticed that you can see building work through the gaps in the whitewash:

Lots of building work:

A planning application to convert the shop into flats was refused in 2010 for for 'providing a poor standard of residential amenity': local authority speak for being unfit to live in. I can't find a more recent, relevant, planning application.

Flats fetch more money than shops in North London and that BBC programme about the Caledonian Road showed that this can lead to dodginess.

The Beloved Reader has informed the council as well as me. 

On the other hand, it could all be legit. Anyone know anything?


  1. The images don't work in this post. At least not for me. Looks like you linked to your gmail attachments. You'll have to upload them somewhere else.

    1. Eeek. Hopefully that's fixed now. Thank you for the heads up.