Saturday, 11 February 2012

Meet a pirate and buy catfood at Atlas World of Birds

This is Captain Jack. He likes having his picture taken:

He also seems to like being stroked (though I've never dared try). 

Captain Jack holds court at Atlas World of Birds,  where his human staff come highly recommended. 

The sign does say Atlas, even though you can't see it

They sell almost anything you could need for dogs/cats/rabbits/hamsters/fish as well as for birds, if they don't have something they'll stock it if you ask, and they chase after you to give you the change back when you accidentally overpay.

Where: 342 Hornsey Road
When: Mon-Sat 11-6, Sun 11-1:30


  1. Replies
    1. yes he is MAGNIFICENT..... !!

  2. a couple of years ago before the shop opened the man who runs the shop kept lots of birds caged in a small lock up with no windows behind the shops. They were in there 24 hours a day with a fluroscent light no natural light. He sold them from here. local residents called the rspca as they didnt feel this was rspca friendly but apparently he was just about not breaching anything. Take a walk in the car park behind the shops and see if you were a bird you would want to be in one of those little garages 24 hours a day with no natural light. I wouldnt go near the shop.

    1. Sorry anna you have it all wrong..... !!

  3. Hi Anna,

    Thanks for your comment. That does sound worrying - but I have been through that courtyard a few times and not noticed anything - maybe it's stopped?

  4. there are no birds kept in lock ups or in garages behind the shop, the pet shop is one of the best i have ever visited, it is in with community spirit and will always give you advice and support with your animals, if you go in to buy something and they do not have it, it will be orderd and deliverd to you within 2 working days, as for the parrot captain jack, what a truly amazing bird he is... he speaks shows off and has become everyons friend who visits the store, he can count up to 10, please hello pretty parrot pik a boo at you, and share your food by asking for some,, he is truly amazing...he can say much more then i have put down, i love him to bits.. the store also has the healthyest cold water and tropical fish, i will not buy my fish from anywhere els, and get real good advice from the man in the shop, who i must say has time for anyone who enters. so go visit jack and say hello im sure any comments you have will be good ones...!! happy shopping dont forget to say hi to captain jack... :)

  5. Thank you for listing their opening times!
    Paul has a great shop going on, he gives me discounts for pet food and has helped me through all my pet problems and worries.
    Helped me sell on my rats and their cage as well. Really friendly guy who has a massive heart.

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