Friday, 10 February 2012

This is what pavement widening looks like.

People have landed on this blog from Athens, Zadar, Morristown, Metzingen, Laapenranta, New Delhi and Chandigarh. 


Why are you here? Isn't there anything more interesting to do in Laapenranta? Doesn't New Delhi hold more charms? Hell, isn't there a decent bar in Morristown? 

As you've nothing better to do let's talk pavement widening. 

I wrote about money going to improve the Hornsey Road here and here and now it's starting. 

They're doubling the width of the pavement on the whole stretch near Deja Vu.

It'll look better and make life easier for anyone in a wheelchair or pushing a pram.


  1. I'm surprised how wide it actually is!

  2. Yes. In my deeply geeky way I found it quite exciting.

  3. I don't find the noise exciting, however! They start so early in the morning.

  4. It looks like good quality paving too. I hope they're replacing the exisitng paving so it looks consistant? I might wander over later to have a look, good excuse to get a drink in the Shaftesbury.

  5. @Mizhenka, hopefully they'll finish soon. @Arkady not sure what they're doing with the old stuff. It does look pretty shonky.

  6. Is shonky good or bad?

    It looks like they're keeping the old paving, sadly. I do like how they're making the pavement level with the road surface though - proper shared surface.

    I pictures of the old photos in the Shaftesbury will drinking a Chisick Ale. Very satisfactory afternoon.

  7. Shonky's bad.

    Any chance you have any Shaftesbury pictures I could use (properly attributed of course)?

    There's a post I've got half written about how it nearly became flats that I need images for.

  8. I only took ones of the old pictures inside, but I can wack them up on Flickr if you like?

    When's your 'bring back Hornsey Road railway station' coming?

  9. That would be great - thank you!.

    The 'railway station' post is half-written, but I can't quite get it right. There's some new build going on around the ex station site that I'd like to know more about as well.