Monday, 23 January 2012


Mizhenka found a survey that helps make sense of last week's post about Hornsey Road getting £571,000.

'The main elements of the scheme are:

• At the Tollington Way/Hornsey Road junction - to raise and buildout the kerbs to prevent vehicles overrunning the footway, widen the crossing on Tollington Way to 2.4 metres to ensure there is sufficient capacity for pedestrians. Further assist the partially sighted/blind by upgrading the tactile paving and cut back the right turn island on Hornsey Road into Tollington Way to ensure vehicles enter Tollington Way on the correct side of the road.

• to relocate the motorcycle bay at the Arthur Road/Hornsey Road junction further into Arthur Road to provide better access to the bus stop.

• to inset the parking bay and car club bay adjacent to the Fire Station on Hornsey Road to allow the fire appliances better access when turning left out of the Fire Station. 

• to widen the pedestrian island on Hanley Road at the Hornsey Road junction to 2.00 metres to make this crossing point safer for pedestrians.

• Extend the pedestrian island on Beaumont Rise at its junction with Hornsey Rise to make the crossing point safer.

• Install new shared use inset parking bays in the Spears Road/Lambton Road area.

• Upgrade tactiles, extend the footway width and adjust the position of the centre island for the Zebra crossing at the Hornsey Road/Lambton Road junction.'

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