Thursday, 5 January 2012

Lucky the cat at Express Mini Cabs

This is the first of what I hope will be many Hornsey Road cat posts. 

Jengis from Express Mini Cabs has put a tour of his office up on the web. It looks comfier than I'd imagined.  I am glad to know there are sofas and a coffee machine behind the ceiling height wood paneling that divides the staff from the customers.

I'm even more glad to hear an excerpt of the eternal dialogue between man and cat. 

Jengis: 'That's our little kitten. Actually it's not a kitten it's a massive cat. Hallooo Halloo. We call it Lucky because it's a black cat.'

Lucky glares and walks off

Jengis: 'Wow, looks like evil'

Minicab driver chorus: 'Where is Lucky? Lucky!'

Jengis: 'Hello Lucky!'

Lucky: 'Mrow'

Jengis: 'Lucky!'

Lucky walks off. 

Where:  456 Hornsey Road 
Tel: 020 72729110