Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Lion, surviving

This scruffy stucco lion looks out over the Hornsey Best Kebab House. 

He's unloved, uncared for and tangled up in wires but he's still here while the Methodist Chapel isn't and the Hornsey Road Baths have become flats and Campbell Bunk's gone, and the Astoria's become a church. 

Does this count as a cat post?


  1. Very enjoyable blog! Thank you, from a fellow N19er

  2. Thanks Lemmy. Am very impressed by your website btw.

    1. Thank you! Don't know if your blog (hopefully one day to expand into an empire) will ever need some bespoke compositions but you'll know where to turn. Or when one Ralph Fiennes gets cast as one of the geezers propping up the bar at the Shaftesbury in the Hornsey Road, the movie! Btw, talking of which, do you know Marc Isaacs the doc filmmaker? he's making a film at the mo about Edgware Road, so it's not beyond the bounds of reality...

  3. I hadn't heard of Marc Isaacs, to my shame, but will check him out. And I look forward to the days of the blog being an empire. Ah, the power and the glory.