Monday, 30 January 2012

Durian Cake seems an odd idea (Hua Run supermarket)

In my early days living round here someone more thorough than me at following recipes dragged me round half the shops in search of black bean sauce. 

I should have taken him straight here:


Hua Run (on the corner of Seven Sisters and Hornsey road next to the Eaglet)  is one of those tiny shops that cram in more stuff than seems possible. They sell every Chinese ingredient I've ever heard of as well as many things I don't recognise:

Or know how to use. What does one do with dried fish exactly? 

Or with sweet potato powder? 

Rice I can just about figure out:

And I'm building up courage to try this: 


  1. Durian, if I remember correctly, is the Asian fruit which smells really unpleasant but tastes sweet. Michael Palin eats some in Full Circle (and is sort of noncommittal). You should totally try the cake.

    It looks amazing here:

  2. Yeah. I'm not convinced. It already smells like a rotting corpse, how would heating it up make it better?

    Mind you, when I used to go to the Linley library for lunch I read a book about fruit hunters that included a hyper-specialised group that chased ripe Durians around and eat nothing but for months.

    So am probably just being closed minded. Unlike Michael Palin.

  3. nice idea..thanks for sharing...

  4. No problem. Tell me what the cake is like if you try it.