Wednesday, 21 March 2012


I use the blog as a pretext to do new things and so I went to Luxuria the other day and had my nails done

Before: meh nails that could audition for The Crucible. Look at them, all modest and virtuous and about to tell on a witch:

After: space nails for the atomic age

I do like the way my hand is looming menacingly in that photograph. It's like the start of a low budget horror movie: 'THE HAND: Will You Escape Its Grasp?'

And I liked having my nails done, especially the hand massage. It turns out that something that millions of people do because they find it pleasant is indeed pleasant.  

This isn't always true. See, for example, bowling. 

Where: 390 Hornsey Road
When: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday & Saturday 10am to 7pm, Thursday 10am to 9pm. Call to see if they're open Sunday.
Tel: 02072632050 / 07582 937 468
They're on Facebook and on Twitter.

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