Sunday, 11 March 2012

Park Kitchen @Wray Crescent.

The Park Kitchen opened in Wray Crescent this Saturday. I meant to review the opening because I take my responsibilities as one of the Hornsey Road's leading bloggers seriously. It's a vocation. A calling. A quest.

The thing is, I got there too late and it was closed. There was wailing, gnashing of teeth and peckishness. All the more so as the trailer/cafe looked promising. 

My laziness was rewarded though, because the owner (who I think is called Paul) was still around closing up, as was  his mother and a friend. 

Paul's mother had a tupperware box with her, and the box had cakes that he had baked and she was proud and surprised at how good they were and, well, somehow I got a free cake. 

It was an excellent cake, crumbly and moist and all the things cakes should be. And I know cakes. 

This bodes well. Wray Crescent is a sweet little park (and the Friends of are doing good things) but it couldn't be perfect while it didn't have a cafe. And now it has a cafe that does sterling cakes.

Did you go when it was open? What did you think?

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