Thursday, 31 May 2012

Happy 10th Anniversary, Holloway Arts Festival

From tomorrow (Friday 1 June) wise readers will avoid the royalist malarkey and go to the Holloway Arts Festival instead. The full programme of events is here and if you can only give it one day go to Platform on Sunday the 10th of June between 1pm - 7.30pm and see:

A.L. Kennedy

Time: 6.30 - 7.30pm
Tickets: £7 / £5 (concessions)
Age Range: Suitable for 14+
Location: Platform Theatre
The acclaimed writer and deadpan comedian A.L. Kennedy shares how she coaxed, found and nurtured her voice. In this riveting solo performance, Kennedy will make connections between writer's different voices beyond the page, the voice in which they carry on their own interior narratives and voice with which they address the world. Kennedy's The Blue Book is currently longlisted for the Orange Prize for Fiction.

Lois Tucker

Time: 5 - 6pm
Tickets: £5 / £3 (concessions)
Age Range: Suitable for 11+
Location: Platform Theatre
Local writer/performer Lois Tucker returns as her silent alter-ego 'Lois of the Lane' in this brand new hour-long show fresh out of the Tucker brainbox.
An irreverent black comedy performed to a continuous soundtrack, 'Fabled' finds our heroine in an unlikely storytelling setup, deep in the bowels of an unknown building. With only her wits and a bottomless suitcase to hand, Miss of the Lane will endeavour to entertain against all odds.

One Moment In Time

Time: 3pm and 4pm
Tickets: £2.50 / £2 (concessions)
Age Range: Suitable for 4 - 10
Location. Platform Basement
An Ocean of Stories - tales from beneath the sea.
A fisherman who marries a mysterious Selkie maid, a fish who helps young Davy to escape the clutches of the Devil, headstrong pirates and monsters of the deep… Explore the rich folklore of the British Isles with these tall tales from the depths of the ocean. Told with story, song, and live accordion music.*


Islington Reels Gala Screening

Time: 2pm, 3pm and 4pm
Tickets: £2
Age Range: Suitable for all ages!
Location: Platform Theatre
A wonderful assortment of animations and films made by and for young people, sharing their experience of life in the 21st century. This year’s selection includes short films by from Grafton Primary School and Tufnell Park Primary School, the experimental documentary 'Lives on Screen' by young people from the Cornwallis Adventure Playground in Holloway and 'The Stories of Five Olympic Circles’ an animation made by one hundred and forty children from the London borough of Islington and the pupils of the Czech School without Borders, London.


Worn Out But Still Useful workshop

Time: 1.30-2.30pm
Tickets: FREE
Age Range: Suitable for all ages
Location: Platform Basement
Angel Shed Theatre Company Presents
Come along to our FREE performing arts inclusive workshop including drama, movement and singing based on our current production ‘WORN OUT BUT STILL USEFUL’.
Anyone and everyone welcome.

Meet the Professionals

Time 2pm, 3pm and 5pm
Tickets £2 per session 
Age: 14+
Location: Platform Meeting Room
After a hugely successful programme at the Reel Islington Film Festival, Meet the Professionals is back and is better than ever. We have lined up an amazing array of professionals at various stages of their career in the arts world. Each one hour session will give the chance to learn more about their field of expertise and give members of the public the opportunity to ask directly any questions they may have. Line up includes festival producer and artist Chas de Swiet, multi-disciplinary artist David Blandy and composer and pianist Stephen Daltry

Me and My Shadow

Time: 1 - 3.30pm
Tickets: £2
Age Range: Suitable for any age but students need to have some proficiency in using scissors.
Location: Platform Media Room
Come and discover the magic of your shadow in this afternoon workshop with shadow puppeteers Louise Radinger and Aggeliki Polatou. We’ll play with shadows, lights, torches, make some shadow puppets and have a fantastic shadow performance at the end! We look forward to seeing you there!

Comics Workshop by Czech School Without Borders

Time: 2-3pm and 3-4pm
Tickets: FREE
Age Range: 3-10
Location: Platform
The workshop will accompany the London premiere of ‘Let’s Draw The Olympics!’, a 10-minute animation short made by 140 children from Islington and pupils of the Czech School Without Borders, London. We’ll be following further adventures of five animal friends – Cockroach, Fox, Pigeon, Mouse and Squirrel – that feature in the animation film. Children will be creating a comics with dialogues. What would happen if Cockroach woke up in the future, not in 2012? The storylines will focus on the friendship between the animals and their friend Jessie, while we’ll discuss how the present differs from the future. The workshop is aimed at children of all ages.

 *I'm so glad this exists that I almost don't want to point out that 'moment in time' is an unnecessary repetition (where exactly can a moment be if not in time? It's like saying 'place in space'). Almost, but not quite. Pettiness & inquisitiveness are the main forces driving me. 

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