Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Time breaks the threaded dancers/And the diver's brillant bow.

There used to be a Tollington Park dance club and it started a craze called 'bohemian dancing'. You can see it here. It was an uncoordinated slow twist and comes with this kickable voice over:

'Hard-boiled, perhaps, but there's certainly nothing stale or bad about the average teenager today. The present generation is probably more maligned than any since the turn of the century, but while some merit this criticism the vast majority are much the same as teenagers have always been.

 Let's take a look at the very latest form of exhibitionism 'bohemian dancing' it is called and these kids start dressing up where the Teds and werdies left off. The craze started here at the Tollington Park dance club in North London, but it's already catching on in other areas.

The youngsters, from 14 upwards, come from all walks of life and include schoolgirls, bank clerks, junk dealers, labourers and window dressers [interesting interprestation there of 'all walks of life'], and talking of dressers the most conventional clothes on view are the new pointed shoes, presumably not for the square person.

As you can imagine, the idea is to look like nothing on earth, even if it means looking like a nightmare, although we must admit there's no limit to their ingenuity. By comparison, ordinary dance floors are dull.

Although they're allowed to let of steam here there's never any trouble. If someone gets hot and bothered they cool off with a long drink of [dramatic pause] lemonade. So remember, next time you're thinking of throwing away those old moth eaten clothes, save them for your teenage son or daughter. It could, in their words, make them look fabulous.'

(The title's W.H. Auden. It breaks my heart, but I doubt he ever came to the Hornsey Road)

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