Friday, 8 February 2013

Richard III the cabinet maker, or Hornsey Road on film

This post is thanks to Miss Annie, founder of the Stroud Green WI and regular on, who spotted the Hornsey Road cameo in that Richard III in the car park documentary.

If you're reading this before March 6 2013, then go here and fast-forward to 53:14.  If you're too late the story is that Richard's closest living descendant is a Canadian cabinet maker called Michael who works in the Belgravia Workshops (the same building as the picture framer) between Libertea and Hamlet's.

'It's funny history isnt it? I mean given a different set of circumstances I'd be looking for Michael in a some palace somewhere or a castle. But such is the strange course, we're here in North London. I mean, it's nice, but, you know what I mean.'

Channel 4 has a Hornsey Road habit. See here and here for proof.

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