Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Sunnyside down

Parks should feel like cheating, like you've wriggled through a loophole in the city fabric. It doesn't take grandeur: the Heath succeeds but so does the tiny Lambeth Recreation Ground, bounded by train tracks and the backs of office buildings. 

It does, I think, take love. Wray Crescent feels cared for, Elthorne Park somehow doesn't. Just next to Elthorne Park, though, are the Sunnyside Community Gardens and they are gorgeous

 Go down the beaten earth path

and you're not in Kansas anymore

Oh yes, and there's a hyper mural about environmental degradation. 

Add to that the fact that they provide horticultural therapy to people with special needs and it's very very annoying to see this: 

Their roof burnt down on Monday. It might not be arson, but either way they'll need money to rebuild. 

Don't suppose you've got some spare cash? 

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