Sunday, 8 July 2012

Ghost story

Empty shops should hide behind shutters; there's something indecent about the ones that don't. They're flaunting failure, letting the side down like an uncut lawn, whispering memento mori to their neighbours.

This one on the corner of Hornsey Road and Tollington Way is acting out a ghost story (I think I mostly like ghost stories because they're about places).

It's been shut for at least two years, and this is the only sign of its owner:

Would bills really make it look worse?

No-one ever goes in but things change inside. A can of coke appears on a table then disappears. The lights turn on and, overnight, are turned off again. If this were Buffy there'd be a demon inside feeding off blight and scheming to open the hellmouth.

I miss Buffy. Many things would be explained if the Hornsey Road were on a hellmouth.


  1. OK, that is it! I rarely read blogs and NEVER comment on them (because I'm anti-social even online) but I think this one is great and now that you're invoking Buffy, it's clear that you're an excellent woman and should be told what a really good job you're doing.

    Well done!


    1. Thank you Kay. Glad you like my annexation of the Hornsey Road to Sunnydale.

  2. Now if only Spike would turn up in the Shaftesbury...

    1. With Giles settled in the W Plumb butcher's shop and Angel/Angelus lording it over the baths.