Sunday, 29 July 2012

Metro final edition

The Islington Tribune has news that the Metro pub at the southernmost end of Hornsey Road

Metro, 2012

will soon go and become this:

What would replace the Metro: 12 storey block, 40m tall, with 138 hotel rooms

I guess the idea is that people would come to see Arsenal and stay overnight? (Valley girl intonation)

Islington Council turned this down in 2010, but the Communities Department overruled them (as they did with the John Jones building) saying the pub had 'an unremarkable Victorian frontage' and that the new building could add 'a little light and life to the otherwise drab character of this part of Holloway Road'.

Me? I hadn't even noticed the Metro was there. I do selective blindness well and can not see things even when they're dancing the tango. I sleep through earthquakes and walk into lampposts. It's not like they're trying to close down the Torriano.

Still, one of this blog's vaguely stated purposes is to do a Robert Opie and make a record of overlooked places before they go. So here's what the Metro looks like now:


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