Sunday, 22 July 2012

Listen carefully

I promised you an upbeat post. This one isn't kittens and ice-cream, but it is about something that makes me glad. Last week an anonymous commenter who goes by BNWY3K on Soundcloud posted this link to their Hornsey Road music.

The piece is built around a recording of a drawn-out argument with a man and woman shouting at each other as his voice gets ragged and hers scornful. It won't solve anything. They've had rows like this before and will again. The voices drift in and out against a slow, claustrophobic haze that loops around like fights do when people are tired and drunk. It sounds how walking through London on a hot day with too many things on your mind feels.

If you've got any, tell me about your Hornsey Road limericks, etchings, raps, clerihews, cyanotypes, jokes, sermons, lomographs, ballads, etc... If you haven't got any, then for goodness' sake hurry up and make some. Tsk.

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