Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Hornsey Road model railway

File this under the wonderful variety of the world.

There's a website - here - run by a man who calls himself Kier Hardy and who may actually be called Kier Hardy. It's devoted to recreating British Rail in the 1970s.

Here's its Hornsey Road depot:

 'This view shows the area around the back of the depot. The water tower has been scratchbuilt from styrene to fit into the lower area around the headshunt. Beyond that is the boiler house and fuel oil tanks, with a modified Bachmann building providing administration for the site.'

I'm so glad people like this exist. Much more in Modern Railway Journal's issue 203.

(added later)

He's even done a row of Victorian terraces mid-demolition:

Original caption: 'Demolition sites were aplenty in the post-war decades, and slum clearances were still underway in the 1970s in towns and cities all over Britain. This row of part-demolished shops occupies an area alongside the motive power depot at Hornsey Road, and was featured in the Model Railway Journal number 203.'

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