Sunday, 6 November 2011

Masjid -e-Yusuf mosque

According to  muslimsinbritain this mosque has a Deobandi theme, a capacity of 200, does not admit women and looks like this inside: 

From the outside it still looks like a pub even though the new name has been painted across where it used to say 'Hanley Arms'.    


It's grade II listed, and so the old wrought-iron signs survive, as does some very pretty moulding. 


The Hanley Arms was built around 1850. In 1881 it was home to John Diggins, his wife Mary and their children Mary, Clara and Florence. I wonder if they liked the wrought-iron, or fretted that it was looking dated.

The transformation reminds me of a lot of things: of Simon Armitage's line about churches in Yorkshire becoming carpet warehouses, of the ghost signs you see all over London, of Odradek, and of how buildings outlive us.

If you use the mosque, please tell me what it's like. I'm curious.

Where: 440 Hornsey Road
When: ?


  1. Hey cheers, always wanted to know more about that building. Do you know any more about the Alexandra Coffee House that used to be in the building on the corner opposite? The faded sign above has led me on countless, but fruitless, interweb searches!

  2. Sadly, no. I've done the same fruitless internet searches and even bought a book on London Coffee Houses. I think there must be a connection to the Alexandra orphanage that used to be up the road, but other than that I don't know. It's on my long list of things to look up at the local history centre.

  3. I go to that mosque it's really good. They teach you really well

  4. It used to be a pub. I can imagine, it's really changed now. Sometimes at break time be go downstairs, it's so cool. And upstairs there are people staying. But we hardly ever go up there. The teachers there are really friendly so are the kids

  5. Hello,

    How lovely to hear from someone who goes to the mosque. Please tell me more!

  6. The mosque is like a community centre where lots of events takes place. Unfortunately the mosque doesn't have the space for women. There are plans to raise the floor to make capacity for women and children activities but the finance is an issue. I attend the mosque every few months when there is an event with food. People of all race eat together sitting on the floor. I love the atmosphere and the remainder of the village life where one doesn't need luxury setting to enjoy the company of fellows.

    1. SonofAdam AS,

      Thank you for your comment. Would you mind if I made it into a post? It's really interesting.

    2. I year later I rediscovered your blog and noticed your response. I don't mind if you posted it.
      The plans to increase space for women is underway. I have seen works have started and the committee are trying their hardest to fundraise to pay for the works.