Monday, 21 November 2011

How Fayer's Plumbing merchants is becoming Yale Terrace.

This building on the corner of Tollington Park and Hornsey

was knocked down, renamed 'Yale Terrace' and now looks like this:

(photograph from the Hornsey Road side)
(picture from the Mitford Road side)

There are eight houses and four flats most of which seem to have sold off-plan. They're shiny. The developers are aiming upmarket, selling gentrification before it's quite happened.

Their planning application was a thorough business, with many drawings from Bells Cooley architects. Doesn't explain where they got the name 'Yale Terrace' from, mind.

The commercial space still says 'to let', but the shop-keepers round there believe that it'll be a Tesco. I can't work out if they're right. 

The developers have put a new planning application in,  asking to 'Infill single storey extension at rear ground floor and change of use from residential amenity space to flexible: A1/A2/B1, providing for a total of 260sqm floor space together with alterations to building.'

A1 mean shops, A2 means financial and professional services, B1 means businesses.*  So that's not very clear. The size would be right for a big Tesco Express, or a small Tesco Metro.

It should be finished by the summer.

The cafe' you can just see in the Fayers picture is now Ajani's. It used to look like this:

*thanks to ActionVerb at for correcting this.


  1. Are they moving or just really decided to shutdown their businesses?

  2. I don't know what happened to Fayers - I think they relocated.