Thursday, 24 November 2011

M&M Glass, auctions and a bearded dragon

A matter of weeks ago, 410 Hornsey Road was M&M Glass. It was a magical and shadowy place, but  it's gone now.* 

The space is between tenants and an inventive friend of the freeholder is hosting occasional auctions of 'antiques, furniture old and new, various bric-a-brac, etc...

The first one was on Wednesday and so I ambled down to take photographs. There was a small crowd gathering, and two chaps outside were saying 'he's got hold of some nice things in there, really nice things'. 

I don't think the 'Glass cut to size' sign was for sale. But there were boxes to delve through. 

and books to read.

I kind of got distracted when the-lady-with-the-red-hair turned up with a bearded dragon.

I didn't catch his name, but he seemed happy being carried around.

*Sic transit gloria mundi, et atque taberni et officini transient.


  1. The Latin needs work: probably you mean "et tabernae officinaeque transeunt". Admiror tamen hunc draconem barbatum.

  2. Hello msw,

    Yes, my Latin's shameful now and my Greek's worse. I think I've swapped them for not understanding economics.

    Glad you like the dragon.

  3. Hey, Mirandola

    I think you'd be more than distracted if I came with my dragon, which is a almost 5 foot iguana ;-) But I won't do that. Will never understand why people feel the need to take their reptiles out to show them off.
    If it's for educational purposes, yes, but not to 'look cool', because it's not cool. Bearded dragons need a very high temperature and reptiles can get a cold like we humans, but it's more difficult for them to cope with it. Often ends in pneumonia and death. Just saying. I do understand the interest, though. I would be interested, too, if someone popped up with a tame lion. Wouldn't approve of it, but still be interested.

  4. Hi Stella. Yes, a 5 foot dragon would be memorable. Does yours have a giant box, or does it roam around the house?

    I'm now worried about the poor beastie in the photograph. I don't know anything about reptiles so I'd assumed it was okay.

  5. Hey, Mirandola

    My big boy has a big home, yes. I wouldn't let him roam around for three reasons:
    1. I wouldn't be able to give him the temperature and humidity he need.
    2. They can be rather brutal, climbing onto everything, re-arranging your furniture not to your liking. And they are messy (doing their business).
    3. He's a particular aggressive iguana which increases during mating season which lasts for at long as five months and it would simply be dangerous to have him running around. He'll attack at any given opportunity and bit chunks out of my skin. ;-)

    And yes, I still love him to bits.

    I think the beastie will be fine, but I still want to slap the owner. If she had taken him into the backyard in the summer for some proper natural UV, okay, but to a museum? From what I can see she's a pretty lady and doesn't need to seek attention like that.